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Bite Helper is a new way to stop the itch of mosquito bites!!

Ready to stop the itch?   Itch Relief Pen utilizes groundbreaking Thermo-Pulse-Technology that delivers soothing heat and vibration to the affected area increasing circulation and localized blood flow. Bite Helper is drug and chemical free. Surface area coverage is 20mm, completely covering the bug bite Built in safety feature makes sure it does not overheat Reusable device powered by 2AA batteries Safe and easy to use Place the Bite Helper Thermo-Pulse metal tip directly on the affected area. Activate Bite Helper by pressing the ON button. Thermo-Pulse-Technology delivers concentrated heat & vibration to the affected area increasing localized blood flow and circulation - neutralizing and soothing the itch in seconds! No more itch & fear from insect bites. Enjoy your...

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4 Essential Knots that are helpful to learn and know

Found his extremely helpful article over on the Outdoor Herbivore Blog.   Figured the info would be helpful to people reading   Here are 4 knots you need to know – especially if you participate in outdoor activities such as backpacking, boating, climbing, and caving. Knot tying is a useful skill for various applications, from securing gear to saving a life. These four are particularly useful and easy to learn!   1. Bowline Knot The bowline received its name because it was traditionally used by sailors to affix the sail to the bow (front) of the boat. In the present era, it is referred as the “King of Knots” because it is suited for many applications. This knot makes...

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Elite Survivor is now a sponsor for The Casual Preppers Podcast

    We're a bit behind the eight ball at this point, with all the commotion of the holidays we kind of overlooked our Blog.  We'll get back to it, promise.       Anyway, we're stoked to be sponsoring Cody and Cam, the gents behind the super cool podcast for casual preppers.  AKA The Casual Preppers Podcast.  It's an entertaining mix of humor, entertainment and possibly life saving info.  Great mix.       Give them a listen on iTunes or at their site    We are currently listening to episode 19, preparing for a Riot.  No, not how to start one---but how to be prepared should you find yourself in close proximity to one in your area.  Give...

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