Elite Survivor is now a sponsor for The Casual Preppers Podcast

    We're a bit behind the eight ball at this point, with all the commotion of the holidays we kind of overlooked our Blog.  We'll get back to it, promise.  

    Anyway, we're stoked to be sponsoring Cody and Cam, the gents behind the super cool podcast for casual preppers.  AKA The Casual Preppers Podcast.  It's an entertaining mix of humor, entertainment and possibly life saving info.  Great mix.  

    Give them a listen on iTunes or at their site http://www.casualpreppers.com/

   We are currently listening to episode 19, preparing for a Riot.  No, not how to start one---but how to be prepared should you find yourself in close proximity to one in your area.  Give it a listen, you'll be glad you did!! 

More to come soon!

Happy New Year,