Updated shipping prices, areas and new products

     www.elitesurvivor.com is even more user friendly now.  We've recently added the option for worldwide shipping---in almost all cases shipping outside the USA will be via direct shipping from the supplier--this allows us to keep prices low.  On a case by case basis we can ship from the US to other countries, if you need to get an order faster than the 15-21 days it can take via direct shipping.  Please drop us a line if you'd be interested in that, but keep in mind ofcourse that the shipping costs will be higher.  

     We have also lowered the shipping fees on our "Free Plus Shipping" items.  We were already lower than most stores, but this move will allow us to serve an even bigger customer audience; something that has been our goal all along.  

     Recently we've added a super bright LED tactical flashlight that puts out a manufacturer claimed 2000 lumens!! We are blowing these out at the ridiculously low price of $13.95 shipped, in the US.  We had planned to sell them for over $25, but when they arrived we noticed that cosmetically they didn't have the words "Dimmer" etc engraved into the green band.  Rather than return them we decided to pass massive value and savings on to our awesome customers.  

     In addition to the flashlight, we've added a neat military molle expandable backpack, more firestarter options, EliteSurvivor shirts and more multitools.  

    Please have a look around and see what we've been up to.