7 Summer Campsite Tips...

1- Allow plenty of time. Plan your day so you start looking for a campsite at least an hour­—preferably two—before dark. Tired? Drop your pack before searching; you’ll be less likely to settle for the first spot. 

2- Prioritize water. Yes, you can haul water if necessary. But a perfect site will have easy access to a creek or lake. (Always camp at least 200 feet from a water source.) We opt for, and recommend that you do as well, to bring a good water filter.

3-Scan for hazards. Avoid camping under dangling dead branches, in flash-flood zones, and where rockfall debris collects.  Watch for signs of dangerous wildlife.

4-Stay high in the mountains when weather is good. Five reasons: Cold air collects in valley bottoms, breezy sites have fewer bugs, wind reduces condensation, the view is better, and you’ll get sunshine earlier. 

5-Think: camp furniture. Boulders and downed trees make good tables and chairs.  Ferns and brush can help you forge a great chair.

6-Face the sun. Pitch your tent door toward the east, if conditions allow, for morning light. 

7-Be choosy. Make sure your tent is on a level surface where water won’t collect and where you have a decent escape route that you can use at night.

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