How to make a rock knife (stone), Ever been out in the woods and forgot your knife?

     One time we were out doing an extended hike(5 days) in the woods of the upper peninsula of Michigan (my home state!!).  This was years ago, I'd guess 1991? Long before having access to all the awesome and easy to carry tools we have available today.  We made it about 8 hours in on day number 1 and I went to grab my knife and it wasn't there.  Oh no I thought.  You know that sinking feeling in your throat, right? Nothing worse.

     Luckily the other members of the hike all had their knives.  I wasn't satisfied with that though.  So when we set up camp that night I made it my goal to fashion my self a knife out of rock after we had dinner.  It was tough for sure, but very rewarding to have made something that could function as a knife for me, should the need arise.  Better to have it and not need it than not have it and really need it, I'd always been taught.  One of my favorite quotes is "Chance favors the prepared mind".  Something that's always good to keep in mind, whether in a survival situation or really just in day to day life---you can't go wrong with it. 

    Speaking of quotes and wisdom, I recently listened to a Tim Ferriss (lifehacker, experimenter, multiple best selling author (4 hour Workweek, 4 Hour body and 4 Hour chef)) and he was interviewing a guy named Shay Carl.  One of his pieces of sage advice was to think ahead to the 10 year older version of yourself and ask what you should do, be doing etc, and whether what you're doing is going to be good for you and where you'll be in 10 years.  Kind of hard to put down in words, but I'm sure you get the idea.  Do now what your 10 year older self would think is right so you if someone ever asks you what advice you'd give the 10 year younger version or yourself or what you'd have done differently 10 years ago, you wouldn't have to change anything.  Make sense? Cool. Onward and upward.

     Sorry for the tangent there but it's good advice that we may talk more about at the later date.

     Anyway, the point of today's blog post is to tell you about the importance of knowing how to fashion yourself a knife out of rock or stone.  You never know when you'll need to know how so you might as well watch the video and learn how.  One of our goals at has always been to teach and provide our readers and customers with valuable, possibly life saving tips that can help you when you least expect it.  

    If after watching the video, you have tips or ideas to add in please do contact us either here or through our facebook page (  We're always up to learn new things and we answer any and all messages, emails, chats etc. 

Without further adieu here's the video for today.  Thanks to Lonnie from Far North Bushcraft and Survival for his very informative video.  He knows what's up when it comes to bushcraft and survival.  Thank you!  Please head over to Lonnie's Youtube channel and give him a follow.  Also check out and our sister site


Happy 4th to you all, hope you had a great holiday and stayed safe, but had fun!

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