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How to make a rock knife (stone), Ever been out in the woods and forgot your knife?

     One time we were out doing an extended hike(5 days) in the woods of the upper peninsula of Michigan (my home state!!).  This was years ago, I'd guess 1991? Long before having access to all the awesome and easy to carry tools we have available today.  We made it about 8 hours in on day number 1 and I went to grab my knife and it wasn't there.  Oh no I thought.  You know that sinking feeling in your throat, right? Nothing worse.      Luckily the other members of the hike all had their knives.  I wasn't satisfied with that though.  So when we set up camp that night I made it my goal to fashion my...

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How to use a paracord survival bracelet with fire starter

We made up this neat little video for that shows you the features of your tactical paracord survival bracelet as well as how to use it---especially the fire starter feature.  That seems to be what everyone is interested in.   Get your's free here Enjoy the video!!

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Rules for using your Tactical Self Defense Pen

We found this great article over on written by Tim MacWelch.   Can the pen be mightier that the sword? Maybe, if it’s a tactical pen. The modern tactical pen is really two different things–it is a functional writing implement, but it is also a weapon for self-defense. Many people trace the lineage of this discreet back-up weapon to the original Kubotan, the self-defense “spike on a keychain” developed by Grand Master Takayuki Kubota in the 1970s. But regardless of its origin, contemporary tactical pens can deliver a painful prod or a vicious raking to an opponent–should you become separated from your primary weapon. And the best part is that these low-key tools are non-threatening and generally ignored by...

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