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Rules for using your Tactical Self Defense Pen

We found this great article over on written by Tim MacWelch.   Can the pen be mightier that the sword? Maybe, if it’s a tactical pen. The modern tactical pen is really two different things–it is a functional writing implement, but it is also a weapon for self-defense. Many people trace the lineage of this discreet back-up weapon to the original Kubotan, the self-defense “spike on a keychain” developed by Grand Master Takayuki Kubota in the 1970s. But regardless of its origin, contemporary tactical pens can deliver a painful prod or a vicious raking to an opponent–should you become separated from your primary weapon. And the best part is that these low-key tools are non-threatening and generally ignored by...

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Here's 44 more awesome uses for your paracord bracelet

44 Ways to Use Paracord for Prepping and Survival Secure a tent Secure a tarp between trees Hang tools from your belt Hang tools from around your neck Secure things to the outside of your backpack Make a tourniquet Secure a splint Make a sling for your arm Make an emergency belt to hold your pants up Make emergency suspenders Replace a broken bra strap (it happens) Replace broken or missing shoe laces Repair a zipper pull Secure your boat or skiff to a tree Make a tow line; double or triple up for extra strength Create a makeshift lanyard String a clothesline Hang something up off the ground Rig a pulley system Make traps and snares Replace damaged or...

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Best ways to use your Paracord, bracelet etc

So you've got your FREE paracord bracelet from us at  and now what? What on earth can you do with it? What is it for?  The possibilities are endless really, but we've found this cool little video from where else, but YouTube.  We at love the video and, well, our paracord survival bracelets.  Perfect as gifts and for yourself...stash them in all your bags, cars, bikes etc.  Thanks Dan's Depot for your Video!!

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